Out of My Mind’s Eye


I am a Canadian born author, scholar, artist, and costumed historical interpreter. The themes of my writing, research and art incorporate my lifelong interest in exceptional human experiences, nature, social history, mysteries, and cosmic magic.

My first solo book Cosmic Witch Magic, Witchcraft, and the Supernatural (English), The Witch – La Strega (Italian) publication date July 17th 2020 is part memoir, part history, and part call to activism in a time when Nature is in peril, and thousands of people around the world are identifying as witches and neo-pagans. My book is available through my publisher Le Due Torri, Amazon and other fine book stores.

Cover Artwork by Absurd By Design
The Witch (La Strega)
Cover artwork Italiano designed by Absurd By Design

Currently I am conducting a series of independent experiments based in part on the work of the late mathematician, Dr A.R.G Owen and psychotherapist Dr. Joel Whitton that will be the focus of my second book Cosmic Witch Vol. II Conjuring UFOs: UFOs, Social PSI, and Magic which will be available in late 2021.

I have co-collaborated with renowned Spanish artist Dora Garcia on a major contemporary art exhibition on the theme of exceptional human experience, anomalies, and marginalization, at the Harbourfront Centre, in Toronto Canada.

A Pagan of Celtic origin, I am exploring my central European roots and magical traditions in Bologna Italy.

Welcome to my online cupboard…… have a look around.

You can contact me by email at: suestclair23@gmail.com

Electronica album inspired by Cosmic Witch – Artist Totemtag

 Member of Artists United For Animals

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7 thoughts on “Out of My Mind’s Eye

  1. Koriel

    I am listening to you on coast to coast am. You mentioned right brain activity. The right side of your brain needs to be trained and educated also.


  2. Aaron

    I’m listening to you right now. You Are beautiful and explain who you are very well . Are you sure your not a seductive witch? Haha …have a great morning!


  3. Paul Stackpole

    Merry Meet Susan,
    I really enjoyed your interview with George Knapp this morning on Coast to Coast. You’re terrific ambassador and spokesperson for Witches, Wiccans and Pagan. I look forward to reading the “Cosmic Witch”.


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