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Welcome to my website, and thank you for checking out this page. In introduction, my name is Susan Demeter. I am a Canadian born author, and anomalies researcher who is currently living in Bologna Italy. I also write under the pen name St. Clair.


It is never easy to write about oneself, at least it isn’t for me, but the following will give you some information about my professional skills, and my interests as a both a writer and as a researcher of exceptional human experiences.

My first solo book Cosmic Witch: Magic Witchcraft and the Supernatural (English), The Witch La Strega (Italiano) publication date July 17th 2020 is part memoir, part history, and part call to activism in a time when Nature is in peril, and thousands of people around the world are identifying as witches and neo-pagans. My book is available through my publisher Le Due Torri press and Amazon, and other fine book stores.

Cover Italiano version of my book

My professional titles include editor, writer, researcher, webmaster, content manager, database administrator, copy editor, technical consultant on various paranormal subjects, social media manager and producer.

I have conducted scholarly research supervised by a Ph.D. qualified sponsor on military and institutional social dynamics. And I have provided the Canadian Forces College, and Department of National Defence with research, editing and proofreading services that have utilised my strong understanding and expertise of scientific parapsychology, its principals and concepts, anomalies and social dynamics, and how such dynamics may interact with individuals and institutions like the military. I have also provided data analysis, and development of a qualitative, and quantitative database for the Department of Defence Studies at the Canadian Forces College.

I have collaborated with the Koestler Unit at the University of Edinburgh on the EUROPSI research study, including data collection and analysis-qualification of collected reports of perceived exceptional human experiences and anomalies. .

As a technical consultant and segment producer I contributed to various media projects, including print, electronic, broadcast radio, film and television. In addition to this I have been a regular on-air guest contributor to Toronto’s CFRB Mind Shift with host, the late Errol Bruce Knapp. I worked with June Media as a segment producer and research assistant for the syndicated Canadian television documentary series Creepy Canada . A complete list can be provided upon request.

Since 1999 I have been featured in print, radio and television media speaking on exceptional human experiences, anomalies, UFOs, ghosts, and other paranormal subjects. I’ve added a page here with some of my media appearances over the years.

I am an artist and I was a co-collaborator with famed European artist Dora Garcia on a major contemporary art exhibition on the theme of exceptional human experience, anomalies, and marginalization. Power Plant Contemporary Art Gallery Harbourfront Centre, Toronto Ontario in 2015. This has been one of the highlights of my professional life, as both an artist and as an anomalies researcher.

My public speaking engagements are varied, and include presentations on folklore, spooklights, and other anomalies for the Ontario Institute For Studies & Education, and the University of Toronto.

I have developed and maintained a number of websites, and blogs both as a self interest and professionally. And I have set up and maintained a number of successful companion social media profiles and online communications for the purpose of information hubs, and as a recruiting tool for historical re-enactment groups.

My research interests include responses to anomalies and how they may interact and enact change within groups, and large institutions such as the military. I am also highly interested in direct experimentation with social PSI phenomena, which incorporates creative pursuits such as art, and storytelling. I am currently conducting a series of experiments based in part on the work of the late mathematician Dr A.R.G Owen that will be the focus of my second solo book Cosmic Witch Vol II on UFOs, social PSI, and Magic.

While living in Canada I volunteered as a costumed historical interpreter through Heritage Mississauga in Ontario. I love to dress up and teach social history and I hope to continue to do so in my new adopted country Italy.

My studio window faces a mountain peak that was in ancient times considered to be a holy place by both the Pagans and early Christians. And it is here that the ultra-terrestrials inspire my witchcraft and my art.

Thank you for checking out my website. My email addy is:

My complete CV is available upon request.

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