Research Experience & Interests

Psi. UFOs. UAP. Afterlife. Ghosts. Occult. Magick. Witchcraft. Anomalies. Consciousness. Social History. Parapsychology. Parasociology. Exceptional Human Experience. Chaos Theory.

I am currently conducting a series of independent experiments based in part on the work of the late mathematician, Dr A.R.G Owen and psychotherapist Dr. Joel Whitton that will be the focus of my book on UFOs, social PSI, and Magic tentatively titled: Out Of My Mind’s Eye: Conjuring UFOs.

My research interests include institutional, and change dynamics, responses to anomalies, and how they may interact and enact change within individuals, groups, and large institutions such as the military.

Research Experience

Conducted a research project supervised by a Ph.D. qualified sponsor, on military institutional dynamics; including data analysis, and development of an analytical grid, qualitative, and quantitative searchable English language database for the Dept. of Defence Studies Canadian Forces College and Royal Military College of Canada.

Provided the Canadian Forces College, and Department of National Defence with researches, editing and proofreading services that utilised my strong understanding and expertise of scientific parapsychology its principals and concepts, anomalies and social dynamics, and how such dynamics may interact with institutions, such as the military.

Assembled a preliminary corpus for analysis. Developed a preliminary analytical grid to assess the corpus, by having done a heuristic analysis of a selected portion of corpus. Used the analytical grid on the rest of the corpus. Updated the corpus and the analytical grid as new relevant elements emerged out of the analysis. Produced reports that proposed indicators, and their substantiation, relevant for localized studies of initial conditions of social dynamics involving reactions to anomalies.

Developed a technical manuscript including annotated bibliographies for the Dept. of Defence Studies Canadian Forces College and Royal Military College of Canada.

Collaborated with the Koestler Parapsychology Unit at the University of Edinburgh on the Europsi research study, including data collection and analysis-qualification of collected reports of perceived exceptional human experiences and anomalies.

Content development, including conducting in-person verbal and written interviews with witnesses of anomalies, and exceptional human experiences for the inclusion within a searchable database – Paranormal Studies and Inquiry Canada.

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