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Cosmic Witch: Magic, Witchcraft, and the Supernatural (English) The Witch – La Strega (Italiano)

Cosmic Witch_FINAL_poster copyCosmic Magick, UFOs, Witchcraft, history

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Cover art Italian edition. Publication date July 17th 2020 Available through my publisher’s website Le Due Torri, Amazon, and book shops throughout Italy.  

English version available through Amazon and other fine book shops

Deep Weird: The Varieties of High Strangeness Experience (Contributor)

Edited by Dr Jack Hunter 2023 August Night Press
This book is about the stranger reaches of extraordinary experience research. In these pages an intrepid cast of writers, investigators and academics explore the complexities of extraordinary experience, and consider why it is that some of the most unusual experiential reports – what we might call ‘high strangeness’ experiences – come to be neglected, even in what is already a relatively fringe field of inquiry. Amazon purchase options

Fairy Films: Wee Folk on the Big Screen (contributor) 


Edited By Joshua Cutchin Educated Dragon Press 2023 

“Since their inception, motion pictures have brought fantastic imagery to life, mining mythology and folklore to entertain audiences worldwide. As a staple of fantasy, fairies almost immediately received attention and their influence on the artform of film has never truly waned. Even into the modern era, filmmakers draw upon the themes of fairy lore, perhaps unknowingly.

Quaint children’s tales of whimsical, benevolent sprites belie a rich tradition of complex, magical beings sharing our reality, entities whose very existence may have some root in fact. In this groundbreaking collection of essays, editor Joshua Cutchin reveals how this ancient body of folklore infuses multiple genres of contemporary cinema.

Featuring essays by Wren Collier, Joshua Cutchin, Susan Demeter, Patrick Dugan, David Floyd, Jack Hunter, Allison Jornlin, James P. Nettles, Neil Rushton, Mark Anthony Wyatt, and Simon Young.”  Amazon purchase options

The UFOLOGY Tarot (contributor)

The Ufology Tarot deck uses the 22 Major Arcana cards for learning and personal reflection using historical figures from Ufology.

Kickstarter Campaign launched October 31st 2022!

Incredible Alien Encounters. Chapter on exceptional human experiences. Editors Tim Swartz and Tim Beckley. Publication Date November 2019

Incredible Alien Encounters

Six book children’s series entitled Haunted or Hoax. The books present ghost stories and encourage the reader to use their reasoning and critical thinking skills to decide if they are true or not. The books are intended for Grades 4-5, Ages 9-10. Published by Crabtree Publishing. Expert review, including fact checking, and proof reading. Completed January 2018


UFOs: Reframing the Debate. Scientific Parapsychology’s role in examining anomalies, an essay that is aimed at undergraduates and the general public that is to be included within a scholarly anthology, White Crow Books, publication date May 2017

Worked with Christopher Laursen PhD to produce a scholarly chapter as part of Dr. Jeffrey Kripal’s edited volume, Super Religion, part of a 10-volume series on the study of religion and anomalies.

Illuminations: The UFO Experience as a Parapsychological Event

By Eric Ouellet PH.D Foreward Jenny Randles Anomalist Books

First Printing August 2015

Provided research, editing and proofreading services that utilised my strong understanding and expertise of Parasociological dynamics.


Greetings From Magonia

First Print Publication: Psychic-Magic Magazine

Winter edition 2018

The Poltergeist of Baldoon

First Print Publication: Roots, Branches, and Twigs

Kent Branch of the Ontario Genealogical Society November 2015

ISSN: 0831-5930 Vol. 38 Issue 4

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