The Grand Cloud: Life, the Universe, and everything, and where it might be stored.

Some thoughts on how a cosmic grand cloud may be responsible for storing our collective and individual experiences, and could work towards explaining the things we consider to be highly strange or paranormal events. Have a listen, feedback is always welcome.

Please note that while I do use A LOT of computer jargon this is not the “Simulation Hypothesis” although I suppose that could work within or be part of what I am proposing. Perhaps it is because I am a gamer, but I want to add that I believe there are some obvious issues in assuming and thinking that we are a simulation.


Opte Internet Map 2015


Consciousness in the Cosmos: Part I – The Third Concept of Consciousness, Ervin Laszlo Part two contains a discussion on “Cloud theory” as consciousness

A Theory of Everything (Else), Jacques Vallee Ted Talk November 2011 Brussels. 

The Hyperspace of Consciousness, Massimo Teodorani June 2015 Chapters 8 and 13 discuss The BLH – Big Library Hypothesis

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