A Not So Broken Psychic Telephone – Dream Style

A Foggy View
A view on a foggy day from behind our villa

My husband is psychic. I’ve grown more convinced of this as time goes by, but this latest exchange of non-local information gathering has really blown my mind.

We live in a tiny mountain village that is in the middle of a 1600 hectare nature preserve. This has taken some getting used to for this urban girl who moved here from the suburbs of downtown Toronto, Canada. To set the stage for this experience I must tell you that the back of our villa has an unobstructed to view of mountains and forest. The photo above was taken from our upper balcony. During the colder months its our habit of closing the shutters for the night and I have primarily been taking care of the one leading from our bedroom to the back porch. Each night upon closing them or early morning openings I worry about one of our cats sneaking out on the balcony and getting stuck outside. This has happened so its not unfounded. What is rather far fetched on my part is the uncanny feeling of being watched from the outside or getting into a confrontation with something lurking out there.

I have never told my husband of my irrational thoughts before today. He is a scientist by profession and firmly grounded for the most part in the rational material world, and while openly curious about weird stuff, I am not inclined to share things I know myself to be a flight of fancy. So, you can imagine my shock when he awoke screaming from a nightmare last night and recounted almost verbatim my own crazy thoughts about closing the shutters that lead to the back balcony, worrying that our girl Merry Mischief would slip between his legs and get locked outside, and then he being attacked by something unseen that lurked in the dark.

To me this is an uncanny, and intriguing example of a waking irrational fear in one person being expressed through the subconsciousness of another.

Our Familiars. Merry Mischief and Pixie pictured below lounging in a window.


Have you had a similar experience with another person? Thoughts? Leave me a comment.

6 thoughts on “A Not So Broken Psychic Telephone – Dream Style

  1. lei

    how wonderful to be able to out see the tops of forest tree’s in front of me to be in touch with mother nature & her creatures. How lucky are you to have that privilege.


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