Communicating with the Deceased in Our Dreams: Part One


Every thing possible to be believ’d is an image of truth.”
― William Blake

Can the deceased communicate with us while we dream? I believe they do.

Many cultures both primitive and sophisticated believe that dream communication with our deceased loved ones happen, and reports of this type of phenomenon are not as rare as one may think. Some anthropologists have suggested that our very belief in life after death stems from our dreams of deceased relatives and friends. I would go a step further in stating there is an abundance of research that demonstrates these dream communications are indicative of survival of consciousness.

My own experiences, and research into the subject suggests that these dreams usually contain an important message for the living. 


Taken from my dream journals:

It was the night before Mother’s Day in 1999, and I had gone to bed late, which is typical for me. Usually I daydream before actually nodding off, but that night I do not remember dozing off or falling into sleep. The dream seemed to begin the moment I closed my eyes.

I was on my aunt Helen’s old property. It was dark, and gloomy almost black and white like a very old movie. I stared at her empty garden, and I began to weep. My  aunt had passed away 6 years previously of stomach cancer. She had  been an avid gardener in life, and her gardens were always brimming with  flowers. I noticed my Uncle’s new wife playing with their dogs, but I was too melancholy to wave a hello. I remember thinking how I wanted to leave this sad place. I walked around to the side of the house, and this is the point I believe what may have begun as an ordinary dream became something more.

I rounded the corner of the house and a beam of sunshine hit me. It felt warm and golden, much like the real thing.  And there it was.  I saw a beautiful garden that was so breathtaking I struggle to find adequate words to describe it. The beauty, and tranquility I saw and felt could not be matched even by a master artist. I was in total awe.

Behind me I could sense the  presence of another person, and I turned around to see my aunt Helen. She was radiant, appearing almost ageless. Again I am struggling for the right words to describe her.

She smiled at me, and all I could think to say was “your dead, how can you be here?” To  this she did not answer, she simply held her smile. I then started to cry again, and asked her if I could touch her. To this she laughed and said “yes”. I will add here, that I heard her voice in my head, not externally. It was almost  like she was communicating through telepathy. I touched her hand, and immediately fell into her embrace. She felt warm, solid, ALIVE, and I could smell her perfume.

When we let go she looked at me and said ” I am here now” and  pointed towards the garden. We began to walk towards it, but I felt a barrier. It was not something I could see, but I knew I couldn’t go any farther. As my aunt walked farther into the garden, she stopped and turned. She then spoke these final words to me, ” I know it’s Mother’s Day tomorrow, and my children will miss me, please tell them I am ok and I love them.”

That’s when I came out of  it in other I woke up. I was sitting straight up in bed, tears running down my cheeks…yet oddly  feeling both at peace, and totally refreshed…exhilarated!  It was real. I  felt as if I had experienced it all. I could hear my aunt’s sweet voice ringing in my head. It was 3 am and I wanted to fly down the stairs, and call my mother. My aunt Helen was my Mom’s older sister. Instead I forced myself back to sleep, and called my Mom at a more decent 7:30 am. She believed that this was a true communication from her sister. 


Mom and Aunt Helen

The thought did occur to me that my tired brain and imagination may have been solely responsible for this wondrous experience. But, I discounted this because it happened 6 years after my Aunt’s death. I missed her, and I still do, but I have long since moved forward from my initial grief. I fondly remember my auntie, but I was not thinking of her, or my cousins in the previous days leading up to this experience. 

I also pondered the “why me?” Her message seemed very specific and for her children. I spoke with a good friend who has had many similar encounters, and she felt that it was because I am open to these experiences, and my cousins may not be.

Who knows….

I did eventually contact all four of my aunt’s children, and gave them her message. Each one privately thanked me, and I think or at least I hoped believed in what I was telling  them.

And I did eventually reconcile the why me question.

Four weeks to the day after I had the dream experience with my aunt I learned that my father was dying.  He lived alone so it was a struggle to get him out of hospital, and home, which is where he and I both wanted him to die. This time was one of the most painful, and difficult time periods of my life.

I  believe my Aunt Helen may have contacted me that day not only to pass on a  message for her own children, but also to show me that the human spirit does transcend death. That we do go on. Ironically, I was able to pass on her message at the funeral of my Dad.

My father’s decline was extremely rapid, and at the time of the dream with my aunt he seemed in ok health.  This is why I did not make the initial connection, but at his funeral seeing my relatives I understood why me.

In a future post I will share more dream communications with the deceased most of which are were as beautiful and profound as this one, but there have been others that were downright unnerving.

Until next time I’d love to hear from you and any thoughts you might have. If you’ve had a similar experience or comment please reach out.

My photos above were taken in Grey-Bruce county Ontario, Canada at a private secret garden that my sister, niece and I visited in 2016.  

5 thoughts on “Communicating with the Deceased in Our Dreams: Part One

  1. Fascinating. I’ve been interested in these matters for decades, particularly in dreams, and it seems to me that there’s something ‘right’ and deeply satisfying about meeting the dead in dreams. Once, when I had the news of the death of someone very close to me, it seemed that I could see them being welcomed by others who had gone before them in some Arcadian paradise, but this was a waking dream and it didn’t last longer than a few minutes. I don’t think I’ve ever dreamed about the dead, but I will wrack my memory over the next few days to try to be sure. Otherwise, I loved reading what you had to say here.


  2. Oh, Susan! This month, I just came off of a week of dreams about my dead aunt–she died last spring, my great aunts (her aunts) who have been dead for over 30 years, and then of my Gram, my aunt and Dad’s mother. Red flowers appeared in all the dreams; The first dream and the last took place in my Gram’s old house she lived in my whole childhood, and where my aunt and Dad grew up. It was a tiny house, with barely any land, and most of it shady, but my Gram made it into a beautiful garden and it was always full of flowers, and she loved red, especially petunias and geraniums, and in the shady beds, impatiens.

    My great aunts were in their apartment which contained the remnants of their parents treasures, some of them brought from Germany when they immigrated. They were wealthy, but lost their money during the Great Depression. The aunts had a big bowl of red peonies on their living room table where they served me tea.

    I figured out by the third dream when I dreamed of Gram that these dreams were real and I asked her what it was like in the land of the dead. We were sitting on her porch. She laughed and recited William S. Burroughs’ poem, “Seven Souls.”

    So, yes, I have had real dreams of my beloved dead.

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    1. I can envision your Aunts lovingly caring for their home and tending the garden. This is so beautiful and very much synchronistic with my post! Thank you so much for taking the time to comment and sharing these symbolically rich dreams with me. It helps to know others have these experiences with their loved dead. Our love goes on and reaches back out to us 🙂


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