Where Dreams and Reality Blur

Taken from my dream journal in 2007 and updated a little to reflect that this experience happened several years ago. This PSI dream literally describes “Out of My Mind’s Eye!”


I wrote: “Last night I awoke to a very unsettling vision at around midnight. There was a woman standing beside my bed motioning at me in a threatening manner with a rather large baguette! Her lips were moving as if she were yelling at me, but no sound came from them. As I watched this absurd scene with a strange, angry woman playing out in my dream my landline phone began to ring from the living-room.”

Since I had elderly parents who lived on their own I immediately jumped out of bed to get the call. I worried about my parents, and dreaded any late night phone calls.

Getting back to the PSI stuff during my dash towards the phone I thought about the crazy vision, and reckoned I must have been having a very vivid dream. I mean I was dreaming that I was awake with that women beside my bed. I reached the phone it stopped ringing just before I could lift the receiver up. I checked the call display and the number was not known to me. I figured someone had dialed incorrectly, and if there was a problem either a message would be left or the caller would try back.

Returning back to bed, and at this point feeling as if I were more fully awake I saw the lady again! This time in my hallway…she was still yelling at me without sound….as she tossed the French stick at me…..and then vanished!


I made my way back to my bedroom where my partner at the time mumbled something about who had called and I told him not to worry it was probably a wrong number. His response was an affirmation that I was not dreaming the entire episode.  Almost immediately I fell back asleep with the thought “what a silly dream” a lady threatening me with a stick of bread.

When I awoke in the morning I puzzled over the curious dream and the apparition I had encountered. Had I dreamed the entire episode?

I grabbed my cup of coffee, and sat at my desk where the phone, and call display were placed. I had a look at the call list, and sure enough that late night call was logged with the same number that I had seen when I jumped out of bed to check it.

At least part of what happened that night was based in wakeful consensus reality.


Over the years I’ve pondered this dream and there are a few points to take away. In the dream I felt I was awake so in part it was lucid up to the point I was fully awoken from the phone ringing. This is definitely a liminal state of consciousness. The same apparition of a baguette brandishing woman appeared in the hallway which is a liminal place of connection, and thresholds within a home. Hallways in general are often noted as places where ghosts appear in haunted buildings.

Who was the apparition? I did not recognise the angry woman, nor have I encountered her since, so she may have been a symbolic version of myself. The symbolism of a French stick of bread puzzled me much more, until one day when I recounted this experience to my good friend Eric Ouellet who is a French Canadian parapsychologist and a mentor of mine. He told me that in French the word “baguette” translates to a wand so in my case I think of it as baguette magique or “magic wand.” This last bit may be the key to the apparition springing out of my mind’s eye and leaving a track in consensus reality.

Recently I was retelling this experience on Whitley Strieber’s Unknown Country’s podcast and I was asked by host Mike Clelland if I called the unknown number that was recorded on the call display back. So very John Keel-esque, and I really wish I had. This was a marker for me that the experience actually happened somewhere in that liminal space of consciousness where the dream state and waking reality blurs.

Thanks so much for reading and please leave a comment, your thoughts, or your own experiences. I love to hear from you. 

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