My Bogeyman was an Alien


Night terrors or something else….. From the recollection of my sister’s childhood dreams. 

“Twenty-five years later, I remember my “bogey man” and I believe he may have been an alien.

My “bogey man” came to me in my dreams while I was unconscious to the outside world. He was nothing like anything I had seen on television, in movies, or comic books and that is one reason I feel comfortable with the word alien to describe him. Picture a character about 7ft tall, blackish-brown, paper thin, gangly, with a head that was shaped like an inverted triangle.

I believe my dreams began around the time I was four and always had the same theme. The “bogey man” would capture and zombify my father and sister as my mother and I helplessly watched from behind a large bush outside of our family’s home. Never being caught myself, I still remember the intense fear of losing my sister and father to the alien. The “bogey man” was quite powerful and could maneuver himself through cracks in the door, but my mother and I were never caught.

When I would relate these dreams to my parents I can only guess they chalked them up to childhood nightmares. As an adult I have related these dreams to others and because of experiences that my sister has gone through believe that I may in fact have been a witness to a very real abduction. If that is the case then in all likelihood I will never really know.

My “bogey man” dreams abruptly ended at age six, which coincided with a residential move, but I was afraid of him for years afterwards and can still picture him in my mind this many years later.”

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