A Prayer To Diana

Blessed Lady of the Forest and of the Moon and of the Stars
I dedicate myself to You

May my path honor you
May my spirit celebrate you
May my life force magnify you

Cosmic Mother guide me in these strange times that we are all living, I seek your divine wisdom
keeping my loved ones protected and binding those who might do us harm
These things I pray
Be fulfilled this day

As I will it
So Mote It Be

A prayer of devotion, love, protection, and guidance during these strange and troubling times. I seek the ancient wisdom of the Goddess. Diana, Blessed Lady of the Forest and of the Moon and Stars, and our Cosmic Mother reminds us of the strength and power of the Divine feminine, which lives in all of us.

Blessed Be 🖤

This is my indoor altar which works well during bad weather, but ideally when engaging with Diana I am outdoors in the cool darkness of her forest, bathed in moonlight.

If you enjoy these short vids please follow me on tiktok @cosmicwitch23 for witchcraft, paranormal, UFOs, and of course cats!

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