Summer in Wikipedia Land – Hot Garbage

August is holiday time in Italy, many of the shops are closed and Italians themselves are kicking back on the beaches enjoying some of the most beautiful coastline in the world. But, not everyone here was on holiday. Seems the Wikipedia Italia editors were hot to delete my husband’s wiki entry. In fact he received a notification of intent to cancel the wiki entry about him on August 15th, which is National holiday! Seems these eager beaver Wiki people were alerted to my husband’s affiliation with the Galileo Project through a skeptical organization’s article that listed him as an Italian astrophysicist who has worked on the UAP question. That article came out a few days prior to the wiki deletion notice. You can read about it in his own words with supporting evidence of their defamatory and unprofessional behaviour here.

Firstly they attempted to justify their decision by stating my husband was a pseudo – scientist. Pseudo Scientist?! Massimo Teodorani received his PhD in Astrophysics from one of the oldest Universities in the world, has published countless technical articles, and papers, taught at Universities in Bologna, and Rome, worked on SETI professionally and I could go on and on….. This is all publicly available and verifiable by third sources.

When this was pointed out to the Wiki editors they recanted the pseudo-science part.

Day Two – They said he is just an ordinary scientist like so many others that are not noteworthy enough of an entry in Wikipedia. So I encouraged him to post a partial media list both in Italy and internationally including documentary films for the Irish film board of which his work was featured. On invitation he also addressed the European Parliament on the subject of UAP in 2010 not something most scientists or professors do. Noteworthy, yes? Another list of his 25 traditionally published books, some text books and four bestsellers translated into French, and Spanish were also provided to Wiki.

One of the Wiki Editors then said he was a narcissist for having so many media credits! Unbelievable!

After several more days and much inflicted psychological pain and stupidity on the part of the wiki editors, insults and demeaning language my husband’s Wiki entry was deleted.

Massimo did publicly accuse them of CSIcopian behaviour, and being motivated by the CICAP article and they replied he was a conspiracy theorist YET  they never stopped to ask him what he meant by CSIcopian behaviour or what  CICAP is (professional skeptical organization in Italy). Telling isn’t it?

Now for shits and giggles let’s compare with professional media skeptic Mick West’s wiki entry and see how it holds up to the wiki editors specific complaints -> in bold.

Not Noteworthy
He was a video game designer. I’m a gamer but I have never played his games. His games may have been good, but there are many video game designers that I’m certain do not have Wikipedia entries. He is a blogger, and webmaster so am I and many others, who are not on Wiki.

Mr West has an alma mater listed, but no specific degree is provided. Why is that?

His academic work is noted as one co-authored paper with two scientists. That’s great, but it is only one. Speaking of one he is the author of one book on skeptical topics, but there are many books written by skeptics what makes his so special? He did win an award from a Skeptical group, but does this have any more merit than saying the Vatican gave a special award to a Catholic author?

Media Credits = Bad Curriculum 

My husband was called a narcissist and accused of being a media whore, which according to the Wiki editors makes for a “bad curriculum” Prominently, listed in bold within the second paragraph are Mick West’s many appearances in the past year on US tv programs CNN, NBC etc and his IMDB page.

I have no particular problem with West even if I doubt we would agree on much of anything. I don’t know him, but looking at his Wiki page using the very criteria my husband was judged on by the Wiki editors to delete his entry, Mick West should not have a Wikipedia page either.

If we then take a look at Brian Josephson’s, Rupert Sheldrake’s, and Dean Radin’s wiki entries and the discussion pages that accompany them, which is highly offensive to their work and person it is very clear to see why my husband’s entry was targeted while people like West are given glowing write-ups. The agenda is clear with no need of conspiracy theories.

I know I am a nobody with one small voice, but I needed to add mine to the larger number of people who have had bad experiences with Wikipedia. When Wiki itself goes down the internet drain into some archive the objectives and behaviour of its editors will make much fodder for psychologists and sociologists to ponder. In the meantime I think it should be boycotted to increase the speed of entropy, because as the title of this post states, Wiki is littered with biased garbage and shined up turds and run by people who want to control information in order to forward their own agenda.