Presenting… The UFOlogy Tarot (Genesis of the Project)

Absurd by Design

Several years ago my friend and colleague Greg Bishop invited me to join into a private UFO group he was putting together. Now, I know that if you read “private UFO group” you immediately think of shadowy organizations in which government whistleblowers leak sensitive information to a privileged cadre of insiders, but that’s NOT what my friend had in mind at all.

You see, Greg has always been of the opinion that big UFO organizations are often ill equipped to tackle the complexity of the phenomenon –they become too rigid in their collective thinking, and in the end become more preoccupied with securing funds to maintain their over-inflated bureaucracy (e.g. MUFON) instead of actually going out to the field and investigate reports– which is why he wanted to try and get a small band of like-minded associates to organize regular salons with them (of the virtual kind, in our case)…

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