Audio Essays & Podcasts


Audio Essays & Podcasts

Have a listen to some of my audio essays, research, stories, rants, and raves. Some of these links are to my own recordings and others are interviews and discussions from other shows where I’ve been a guest. I am always very grateful to be invited to be a guest on shows, if you would like to speak with me leave a comment here or contact me at suestclair23 AT
I also make TikToks @Cosmicwitch23

Witness Centered Anomalies Study (Radio Misterioso)

Witches discuss UFO’s, anomalous lights, spirit activity, spirits of place, magic, psychic experimentation, the creation of tulpas and other extraordinary human experiences. (6 Degrees of John Keel) 

Cosmic Witch and UFOs (Coast To Coast Am with George Knapp)

Spooklights as Places of Paranormal Pilgrimage (Anomaly Archives)

The Role of the Cosmic Witch  (Whitley Strieber’s Unknown Country with Mike Clelland)

Witchcraft and the Paranormal (Anthony Peake Consciousness Hour)

UFOs, the Paranormal, and Assorted Fortean Goodies (Typical Skeptic)

Cosmic Witch and the Canadian Military  (The Leak Project with Rex)

The Folklore of the Strange (Shattered Reality)

The Woman In Black – A Fresh Look

The Grand Cloud: Life, the Universe, and everything, and where it might be stored.

This Is Me Being A Good Person (UFO Culture and Cyberbullies)

Parapsychology and UFOs: Are UFOs a psychic event?

Critical Thinking in Parapsychology

Reframing the Debate Roundtable – What Are We Reframing?

UFOs Reframing the Debate II (Radio Misterioso)

Residents of the Daimonic Reality (With Tim Swartz and Tim Beckley)

Looking At UFOs From a Cracked Mirror

The ParaCast – Guest Appearance

UFO Classified (With Erica Lukes)

Somewhere in the Skies with Ryan Sprague

Beyond The Darkness Radio – Guest Appearance (Audio)

If We Normalize the Sacred, Will The (UFO) Phenomenon Change?

Science Weds Spirit (Radio Misterioso with Greg Bishop and Massimo Teodorani)

UFO Visitations and Rogue Occupants – (Exploring The Bizarre with Tim Beckley and Tim Swartz)

Ghost Chronicles – Morning Edition

Joe Fisher, SORRAT and the dark side of the New Age (The Farm)

Witchcraft UFOs Oumuamua, Space Brothers and Sisters – Radio Misterioso 30 minute Pop Up

Witchcraft, PSI experiments, The Doors, UFOs – Anthony Peake and Sarah Janes

The Cosmic Witch. Dr Joanna Kujawa with Susan Demeter: Ghosts, Goddesses, Witchery and UFOs

Chaos Magick, Meme Wars, and Reality Shifting (The Farm)

The Dark Time of the Year: Ancestors and Witches (6 Degrees of John Keel)

The UFOlogy Tarot (Radio Misterioso)

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