The Woman In Black

A fresh look at the infamous Morton case of Cheltenham England. Apparitions and haunting experiences, including all the associated phenomenon that fall under the umbrella of the word ghost, have been reported since the earliest time of recorded human history. People relating first-hand encounters with ghosts represent every country, every culture, all major religions, socio-economic …

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The Compelling Tale Of Mr X

The topic of "mind control" within the general public's view is often portrayed as strictly the domain of highly paranoid and out of control conspiracy theorists, and therefore simply dismissed as not worthy of thinking about. Forms of mind control and manipulation, however are clearly evident to scholars and other interested parties as occurring throughout all societies, and cultures.

The Poltergeist Of Baldoon

I have been interested in the events known as the Baldoon Mystery for a long time, and while I admit that elements of the story definitely have the ring of a good folktale, I cannot dismiss the sheer number of witnesses and the volume of good documentation, which suggests that something, perhaps not of this world, did occur in this tiny Scottish settlement through the years of 1829 to 1831.

Research Experience & Interests

PSI. UFOs. Ghosts. Occult. Magic. Witchcraft. Anomalies. Consciousness. Social History. Parapsychology. Parasociology. Exceptional Human Experience. Chaos Theory. I am currently conducting a series of independent experiments based in part on the work of the late mathematician, Dr A.R.G Owen and psychotherapist Dr. Joel Whitton that will be the focus of my book on UFOs, social …

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