Praise for The Witch – La Strega

I am very grateful to Italian author and numerologist Alessandra Pizzi for taking the time to read The Witch - La Strega and giving my book such beautiful feedback. The review is in Italian, but can be translated with Google. “The Witch, La Strega” è uno scrigno che una volta aperto avvolge e spande la …

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Book Cover Design: The Cosmic Witch Cometh

The inspiration, and artistic vision of my book’s cover.

Absurd by Design

The With (La Strega)

I’ve been waiting a long, long time to finally show you this: My friend and colleague Susan Demeter –whom I first became acquainted with on account of our mutual participation in the UFOs: Reframing the Debate anthology– asked me at the beginning of this year to design the cover of her first solo book, which is being published by the Italian editorial company Le Due Torri in both Italian and English.

La Strega (English title: Cosmic Witch) is not only an exploration into the ancient origins of witchcraft and its more modern manifestations in the XXth and XXIst century, but it’s also a biographical book in which Susan shares with the reader the arduous albeit fascinating journey that led to her self-recognition as a witch. No, that does not mean she can turn people into toads or fly with a broom (although that certainly would come in very handy…

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